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Detoxifying Green Juice Recipe

Enjoy this refreshing and detoxifying drink whenever you’re feeling sluggish, overindulged or rundown. Drinking all these wonderful greens will revitalize your cells and give them nourishment so that you’re able to function at your absolute best. Ingredients Makes 16 ounces of juice• 1 head of celery, stalks separated• a large handful of spinach• 2 to […]

How to Determine Your Skin Type

There are many factors to take into consideration to determine what kind of skin type you have. Genetics, internal and environmental factors all come into play. Internal factors such as our state of health, hormones and the food that we eat influence how our skin looks. Environmentally, we face things like pollution, second-hand smoke and […]

10 Summer Makeup Tips for Hot Weather

Here are my top 10 tips for ensuring that your makeup always looks flawless during the summer, despite the heat or humidity. Wear sunscreen daily Summer can hard on your skin because it makes it very vulnerable to harmful UV rays, burns, dehydration, and dryness. That’s why it’s so important to wear sunscreen every day […]

How to Stop Snacking at Night

Is snacking at night the reason why you can’t obtain or maintain your goal weight? I struggled with late-night snacking for years. It wasn’t until I stopped snacking after dinner that I made a huge difference in my weight loss goals. For most people, evenings are their downtime to relax, watch TV, and unwind from […]

My Favourite Summer Skincare Products

I’m really picky about skincare but I finally found the perfect summer skincare regime for me. Summer is all about fresh, hydrated and glowing skin and these products help me achieve that perfectly. I have a preference for natural and clean beauty products so you will see many natural brands here. Before I begin I […]

How to Cultivate Inner Beauty

As women, we often work so hard to be beautiful on the outside, by investing in our nutrition, fitness, cosmetics, skincare and wardrobe. In fact, an average woman spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on her beauty regime and upkeep. But what about inner beauty? You can be absolutely beautiful on the […]

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