Winter in Brisbane

Cute winter outfit ripped jeans and hat

It’s probably summer where you are, but it’s winter here in Australia. Winter in Brisbane is kind of like spring in Vancouver… in a span of a day, the weather can be chilly, windy, rainy, and sunny. Before moving here I assumed that it would be hot all the time but boy was I wrong! I moved here with hardly any warm clothes and I’m regretting that now.

Stylish winter outfit with boho hat

Australia has seasons too and it does get quite chilly here, especially further south where it gets progressively colder. Sydney and Melbourne are a lot colder than Brisbane in the autumn and winter seasons… so cold in fact, that it was just 3 degrees in Melbourne the other day!

Stylish winter outfit with black booties

If you’re planning on visiting Brisbane in the winter, I recommend bringing jeans with you, long sleeve shirts, a few warm sweaters, pants, a pair of booties/boots, runners, a trench coat, and an umbrella. You don’t need a wool coat or anything but something that blocks the morning and evening chill is essential. Brrr… I’m counting down to spring!

Outfit Details

Forever 21 coat and hat, Zara top, Forever 21 jeans, Nine West booties.

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