How To Combine Contrasting Styles in One Outfit

Woman wearing a leather jacket with feminine skirt

Are you stuck in a style rut? The fastest way to break out of it is to mix contrasting styles in one outfit. If you’re bored with your current style, you need to play around with it more and try new combinations.

Experimenting with your style is the best way to discover new and unique fashion looks. To start, go into your closet and pull different pieces even if they don’t make a lot of sense together. Try different pieces on and see how they ‘flow’ together and look on your body.

If an outfit simply doesn’t work, don’t start from scratch — try on a different piece instead. That new piece of clothing may be the thing that will complete the entire look.

Model wearing red lipstick and leather jacket

Mix Masculine and Feminine Styles Together

The easiest way to combine contrasting styles in one outfit is to mix masculine and feminine pieces of clothing together. As you can see in this outfit, I combined a very feminine skirt with a tough leather jacket and studded booties. This look is unusual and edgy but it works because all the items go together aesthetically and belong to a neutral colour palette.

How to combine different styles in one outfit

Mix Casual and Elegant Styles Together

Another easy way to create a unique look is to mix elegant and casual pieces together. For example, you can pair ripped boyfriend jeans (casual) with a tweed blazer (elegant). Or you can wear a maxi dress (elegant) and combine it with a pair of grungy Doc Marten boots (casual). Play around with different pieces and you will eventually create a very unique look.

How To Combine Contrasting Styles in One Outfit

Play Around With Colours, Textures, Patterns and Shapes

Colour blocking is one of the easiest ways to create an outfit that’s unique and bold. Don’t be afraid to play around with contrasting colours in one outfit. Try on pieces of clothing that are red and blue, or yellow and beige, and see how they look together.

How to combine feminine and grungy styles together

On a similar note, I also recommend playing around with contrasting textures, patterns and shapes. Mix these elements in an outfit and you’re sure to create a sartorial look that’s anything but boring.

Leather jacket and feminine skirt outfit

Falling into a style rut is an inevitable part of life (we all have our days when we’re feeling less than inspired), so I hope these tips will help you break out of it. Creating awesome sartorial looks comes down to experimentation and trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion and express your individuality. Life is too short to blend into the crowd and look like everyone else. Be fearless with your looks!

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