4 Mindset Shifts to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Last

It’s the first week back at work after all the Christmas parties and the New Year binge. That New Years resolution of staying healthy and fit is already sinking further and further down your to-do list, isn’t it? 

Things get really busy this time of year, you start to get stressed out, you over-commit your schedule and now you’re too tired to get to the gym, you’re buying your lunch out every day, and breakfast? Well, ain’t nobody got time for that!

I definitely can relate to this as I’ve most certainly overindulged this holiday season. So if you’re like me, let’s nip these bad habits in the bud before Easter rolls around, shall we? Here’s how!

Clearly define your goals

It’s better to start small and build from there. Write out just three changes you want to make and be really specific. Creating strategic action items will help you achieve your goals by making your big goals seem more actionable and attainable.

So, for example, instead of writing down “I want to eat better”, write: “I’ll try one new clean eating recipe every week for the rest of the month.”

Instead of “I’m going to work out more”, write: “I will go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m. for the rest of the month.”

Get an accountability buddy

When it comes to fitness, we all need support and maybe even some friendly competition to keep us on track. Find a friend or a work colleague who is on board with a healthy lifestyle change. It’s important to choose someone that you see often so that you can keep each other accountable.

If you can’t think of anyone in your immediate circle that can offer this kind of support, then I recommend joining a fitness challenge at your local gym. One of my friends did this last year and she got in great shape and made some new friends.

Make it fun

Let’s face it, you’re never going to do work out if you don’t enjoy it.

If you’re struggling for motivation, try a group fitness class and get outside your comfort zone. There are so many fun group fitness classes to choose from, whether it’s Crossfit, strength, dance, or yoga — there is a class out there for everybody. Try a few different classes and you might discover something new that you love doing.

I like to take dance fitness classes every other week to mix up my workout routine and keep things fun!

Keep it simple

Don’t go and make your change so difficult that you burn out after one week. I think it’s important to keep the routine simple to start off with and build from there.

Perhaps home workouts suit your lifestyle better, or perhaps joining a small group training session is easier for you. Whatever your circumstances are, don’t overcomplicate it or over-commit to something from the start.  

We’re all human, and slip-ups will happen from time to time, but don’t let this discourage you from your bigger, long-term goal. Set a certain standard that you want to live by this year and let that be your guide moving forward.

I believe in you! Now, let’s crush these fitness goals together.

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