15 Powerful Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Positive Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Your mind is a powerful machine. It’s the computer for your body and it’s running the whole show. When you are in control of your mind, you are the boss of how much pleasure, peace, love, abundance, and joy you’ll have in your life.

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.


Why are positive affirmations so powerful?

It all comes down to the theory that “like attracts like.” Since everything around us is energy and has a specific vibration, the quality of our thoughts can attract people and situations with similar vibrations. So if you’re always feeling bad about yourself and your life, you will continue to attract similarly bad situations and reinforce that cycle of negativity.

If you want to attract only good and wonderful things, then you need to constantly focus on the good instead of the bad. Train your mind with positive affirmations and think positively as much as possible, because every positive thought will proper you in the right direction.

Ready to get started?

Find a peaceful and quiet place where you can practice saying these affirmations out loud or quietly to yourself. Put away any distractions, make yourself comfortable, and breathe in long and deep breaths. You can practice your affirmations while sitting or lying down, or even in the shower.

Allocate at least five minutes for daily affirmations so that you have plenty of time to go over them several times and not just once. Repetition is key because you are ingraining these thought patterns deeply into your mind so that over time they become second nature to how you think.

Once you’re all settled in, start saying these powerful affirmations a few times over:

“I deserve the best and I accept the best now.”

“I am worthy of all that I desire.”

“I love myself unconditionally.”

“Today is a great day.”

“Whatever challenges come my way, I can overcome them.”

 “I am a magnet for money and abundance.”

“I love and appreciate my body.”

“I rest in happiness when I sleep, knowing all is well in my world.”

“I am blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends.”

“Great things are always happening to me.”

“All my problems have solutions.”

“I forgive myself for my past mistakes.”

“My challenges help me become a better person.”

“I am so grateful for my beautiful life.”

“I will be fearless today.”

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